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Blac Dá-Lite


BDB creates funky rock beats and rhythm fusing together soulful R&B and Rock to form the ultimate "Pocket Rock" signature sound that is undeniable.

Out of the darkness and into the marvelous light emerges Blac Dá-Lite Band [black day light] (BDB); disrupting the music atmosphere like rolling thunder and lightning creating a musical sonic boom.  Hailing from Washington DC (DMV), BDB creates funky rock beats and rhythm fusing together soulful R&B and rock to form the ultimate “Pocket Rock” signature sound that is undeniable.

BDB was formed in 2013 with lead guitarist, Darren Wendrell and bassist, “Buster Brown” Simms; the two crafted a unique blend of artistry that would set them apart from the others.  This dynamic duo is no stranger to the music industry, they have a history extending 10+ years performing around the DMV area playing a variety of genres with various local bands, as well as creating and producing beats, and writing material.  BDB credits its musical influence to classic artist like Earth, Wind & Fire, Brand New Heavies, Mint Condition, Nirvana, Living Color, Rage Against the Machine, and Maroon 5 to name a few.

Blac Dá-Lite is on a mission is to revive and breathe life back into live music with diverse, original, climactic and fresh sounds of infectious melodies, lyrics, and rhythms to transcend time.  BDB dares to be different and they are not afraid to challenge the norm or play “outside the box” while perfecting and preserving artistic originality and creativity embraced by true music lovers at heart.

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